Worship that welcomes children

Even from their earliest years, children are models of faith for all of us. Jesus himself said so. Our worship format not only encourages families to be together, but is designed for active engagement and participation by all, including children. The sights and sounds of children are a great joy to us. Discover the blessing of worship with your children.

Messages that transcend self-help

You can get some tips on how to find satisfaction, excitement, and improvement from just about anywhere. Good advice is easy to find, but good news is a rare gift. The Sunday sermon at Redeemer Lutheran isn’t just an extended riff on the pastor’s opinions, it’s the story of Jesus Christ living, dying, and rising again for you. You won’t get more rules, you’ll taste a new world.

A format that’s more timeless than trendy

The hymns, prayers, and creeds used in worship at Redeemer won’t just come and go with the whims of the day. We draw from the richest treasures from the church’s past — works that have lived up to the most difficult challenges — and from the most promising gifts God has given his church in recent years. This blend of the best from old and new ensures rich gospel is at the heart of all we say and do.

See You Sunday

Worship is 9:30am each Sunday at Live Oak Elementary School in Fallbrook.