Jesus gives gifts that measure up

Between all the missed deadlines, failed efforts, and flawed results that often characterize our life at work and home it can be a real challenge to find the courage and grace to offer our gifts and abilities for Christian service. After all, who wants another obligation to remind us of our limited time and talent?

But Christian service doesn’t follow the old logic of the world. Christians live in the light of the new logic of the gospel. It’s not for us to measure up to an impossible standard anymore. Instead we receive fullness of life from the God who gives such gifts generously. Indeed, God’s greatest gift is the Savior who surpasses all standard for us. And the same Jesus whose grace offers freedom in turn gives gifts that measure up. He’s equipped every believer without exception precisely according to his plan and purpose. All that’s left is for you to discover the joy of putting God’s gifts to use.

God instructs his church to connect your God-given gifts to opportunities for service. We honor Christ’s calling by gathering information from our members about the gifts Jesus has given them. Armed with this knowledge we can competently connect the real gifts God has given to the real opportunities he places before us.

Will you offer an inventory of what Jesus has given you today? Click or tap the button below to start. It takes about five to ten minutes.


On August 12, 2018 Pastor Bassett taught on the topic of Christian service from Ephesians 4:1–7, 11–16. Anyone wanting to discern the will of God for Christian service will benefit from listening to the teaching again. In it you will learn that Jesus gives gifts to all believers so that they may grow into maturity and subsequently enjoy unity with God.

Right now, at this very moment, there are people in the world who need the love of Christ in their lives and you are the best person in the world to reach them with that love.