A sermon isn’t the pastor’s story, it’s the story of Jesus bringing God’s gifts to you.

If all you hear from the pulpit each week is politics, moralizing, and life-lessons then you’re probably starving for some good news. Don’t go hungry.

Feast your ears on some good news from Redeemer Lutheran Church.

The object of the Christian faith is not the teaching but the Teacher.

Soren Kierkegaard

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  • Only Jesus is worthy of holding the future in his hands

    On Easter Sunday, the stone that had once buried Jesus now revealed a startling fact. Jesus had risen and left his grave alive—and with him came peace, praise, life, love, joy, and power. No stone can block the results of God’s victory over death. Nothing can bury God’s blessings. Christ is risen. He is risen indeed.

    This week we hear praise. God has always been worthy of praise. His gift of creation alone testifies to his goodness, his greatness, and his glory. But after the resurrection there was a new song to sing. Why? Because now God had done even more: he had defeated death and delivered redemption.

    The Sunday Sermon
    The Sunday Sermon
    Only Jesus is worthy of holding the future in his hands