On Easter Sunday, the stone that had once buried Jesus now revealed a startling fact. Jesus had risen and left his grave alive—and with him came peace, praise, life, love, joy, and power. No stone can block the results of God’s victory over death. Nothing can bury God’s blessings. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

Redemption — April 17

9:30 AM at Fallbrook Village Square

This week we taste redemption. The resurrection of Jesus is at the center of every Christian conviction. It even upends some of our most common spiritual assumptions. Why? Because the salvation Christ came to bring is not rescue from a world gone bad but resurrection for a world that will once again be very good.

Praise — May 1

This week we offer praise. God has always been worthy of praise. His gift of creation alone testifies to his goodness, his greatness, and his glory. But after the resurrection there was a new song to sing. Why? Because now God had done even more: he had defeated death and delivered redemption.

Life — May 8

This week we find life. The Lord Jesus had promised to be with his people to the very end of the age, but as the years went by after his resurrection it often felt as if he were anywhere but nearby. But there is no cause to doubt the promise of God’s presence. Why? Because God has shown us how the story ends—and it ends in resurrection to new life.

Love — May 15

This week we define love. Jesus said that the mark of his people would be their love and the apostles of Jesus took time to explain what love means. Why? Because love means nothing without a definition. Love is empty without a goal. And in Jesus we have the definition and the goal.

Joy — May 22

This week we discover joy. Even after Easter Jesus bore the marks of his crucifixion. His resurrection does not erase his suffering. Why? Because resurrection enables us to see suffering in a new light and find joy in what would otherwise be a source of sorrow.

Power — May 29

This week we perceive power. There are many circumstances in which we wish we had more power to accomplish what we want. But power in our hands is not as safe as we might think. Why? Because we are unable to use power properly. Only the resurrected Jesus is worthy of the title “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”